Data Science


Data Science

Data Science

Develop strategies for analyzing, preparing, exploring,visualizing, building models with data and deploying them into applications. We are responsible for turning your raw data into cooked data.

(1). Data Science Life Cycle

○ Business Understanding:

Collaboration with Business to identify and understand problems and define success metrics

○ Data Acquisition:

Leverage Data Lake to ingest data: Data Quality Assessment, enrichment, processing

○ Modeling:

A robust analytics layer in the DL allows to exploit Advances Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to create models from the data.

○ Deploy:

Identify and develop the best tool to deliver the results of the model or analysis: dashboarding tools, data apps, chatbot etc.

Data Science Life Cycle

(2). Benefits

  • Empowers management in making better and Data-Driven Business Decisions
  • Help Define Goals and Targets
  • Increase Business predictability
  • Identify and refine Target Audience
  • Recruit the right people
  • Improve Data Security

(3). Use-Cases

  • Social Analytics
  • Improving E-commerce experience
  • Optimizing Rides
  • Increasing Customer experience
  • Improving searches
  • Music Recommendation