Smart Snout


Smart Snout : The App Tackling the Dog Theft Crisis

As we have seen around us that in today’s generation,dogs are a huge part of any family, and the loss of your pet is a time of great emotional distress, whether they’re simply lost or have been stolen.Dog theft has been an ongoing problem for quite some time, it was reported that thefts had risen 250%, it became clear there was a gap in the market for an effective software solution to keep dogs safe.With this concept in mind, we have developed a solution that is Smart Snout .

(1). Challenges Faced and Solution Proposed

○ Proper image to be uploaded:

For a perfect match, the user will have to upload the correct image with no extra lighting while registering the dog, for which we have added an alert box with demo image before the camera is opened so a user can click perfect image of a dog’s nose

○ Scan dog nose / match-making:

Once a user comes across a dog for scanning, the camera has to be aligned correctly for the nose to be scanned properly. We have written an algorithm and integrated Image Recognition System for perfect match-making of a dog’s nose

○ Messaging:

For real time messaging between the users and helping them in finding the relevant users, we have integrated Firebase SDK for chat system and used Firestore database so a user can feel real time chat.

○ Payment for subscription:

The payment and related modules are sent after the response is sent on the server. We are using Subscription base payment for every dog. So we have added IN app purchase for IOS user and Stripe for android user.

(2). End to End Technical Solution

○ Robust System:

We have used SSL and Git so it is easy to upload the user details and manage all the information

○ Schedule Emails:

We have integrated email schedulers into the system which help send automatic reminders to the users

○ Image Upload:

We have integrated Image Recognition System for dog nose match making.

(3). Benefits We Delivered

The project development is solely based on the Agile Work methodology. This raised our projects to a peak level of quality, security, profit, promotion, etc. We design, build, configure, test and then release the potentially shippable project increment. This process cycle is also performed in an iterative manner or sprints.

○ Listing of major benefits delivered:

Easy to use –We have created a very simple and easy to use system with a special focus on user experience. The user navigation is easy on the system with access to each detail

Dog protection – with the rise in the number of stolen dogs in the UK, the app enables users to register their dogs and update their status which enables other users to scan their dogs and retrieve the lost dogs

Chat / Call functionality – Once a dog is scanned and the owner receives the notification, the user who has found the dog can chat with the owner or can call the individual directly to ensure that the dog is returned back to its master