An online education platform with chatbot and video calling services.Implemented a user engaging AI Chatbot that uses NLP  (natural language processing) to simulate human conversations on websites and mobile apps and is powered by artificial intelligence.We designed it in such a way that it understand the human intent based on the user’s written text and address their needs without the involvement of a human operator.It is a well-designed AI chatbot, it’s honestly hard to tell that you are actually talking to a program, not a real human.Our chabot answer frequently asked queries and provide resources that help you find what you are looking for.With NLP and machine learning capabilities, it can generate suitable responses to the user’s queries.

  • Ecommerce
  • Real Estate
  • and a lot more.

(1). Healthcare

For Health Care

Industry the bot will help patients in recognizing the disease by asking them common symptoms on certain illness and proves them the prevention. It also help customers in booking consultation. This will help alzheimer patients.


(2). Travel

For Travel industry the bot will suggest itinerary.Quicker, smarter booking. A more entertaining travel searching process. A digital city tour guide.


(3). Hotel

For Hotel industry the bot will help you in bespeaking, reviewing facilities and also in managing other services. It will also assist guests with their common queries like early checkin, parking etc


(4). Restaurants

For Restaurants the bot will reduce your burden of table booking, showing menu, it can also take orders from customers and pass it on to the chef for further processing. The chatbot will stream line each and every part of your restaurant from booking table to taking order and billing.


(5). IT firm

For IT firm, HR bot will help in accuring new talent, onboarding new hirings, help current employes in checking leaves , availing leaves, knowing company policies and common queries. The bot will help organisations in generating leads, saving customers response, filling feedback forms.

IT firm

(6). Solutions to the challenges we faced:

○ Deliver contextual responses:

Chatbots need to have the ability to understand the context so that customers feel like talking to a real person. By leveraging the advancements in natural language processing (NLP), our chatbot is made to understand context without asking validating questions.

○ Allow human handover:

Our Bot is smart enough to understand the sense of urgency and complexity of a conversation. Even when itfails to understand the query, it can still intelligently hand over the conversations to human support.

○ Great UI/UX

AI chatbots should not be complex or hard to use else they won’t be able to make conversations interactive. Our design is simple and intuitive so that users find it easy to use them for answers.

○ Well-trained with FAQs:

Chatbot benefits are many when they are trained appropriately. Regular training can help chatbots become more powerful and enable them to smoothly handle questions and interactions.That is what we did.

○ Offer personalized support:

Our Bot that is designed using AI and machine learning can easily comprehend user conversations and respond in real-time.

○ Availability:

It’s features allow the platform to provide 24/7 support for users. So it solve the problem of availability.

○ Applications of Chatbot:

Whatever your domain or industry chatbots can help you to ease your work, improve the customer experience and reduce cost.

○ Industries we covered:
  • Healthcare
  • Travel
  • Insurance
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Cost-effective
  • IT firm