CAS(Contactless Attendance System)


Contactless Attendance System

We created the “Contactless Attendance System” system to answer a simple question, “Are you who you say you are?”
The system will recognize your face from a live feed or captured image and will authenticate you by face verification. After successful verification, the system will let you in.Pandemic made us realize that we needed a system that allows us to authenticate with the same level of ease and is highly secure but should be contactless.CAS systems became the best choice available as they provide contactless authentication and can also be modified to be used for authorization.

(1). Some Amazing Features Implemented by Us

Fast System :

The system should be fast enough to search from millions of faces with mile second latency, for we have used elastic search to store, search and analyze big volumes of data quickly and in near real-time.

Multiple Face detection and verification:

Simultaneous multiple face detection and verification for this we have used parallel processing of multiple faces for better utilization of resources and time to verify multiple faces simultaneously.

Detecting Liveliness:

Detecting liveliness for this we built a specific custom model to differentiate between a person and an image of a person.

Fraud detection:

It was very important for the customer to feel free from fraud detection for this we created a mechanism for user creation and verification.

(2). End to End Technical Solution

Dynamic approach:

We proposed and have integrated all the features in the system and enhanced the usability & user
experience of the system by making it more dynamic and faster. The team enhanced the existing backend also to achieve the website’s features.


We developed reporting features via using mail and notification. Admin can see an interactive graph of in time out time.

Quality Assurance:

We have performed different types of testing to ensure the delivery of a quality end product.
Different testing conducted was Functional, device, regression, and performance testing. Our team
made sure that all the gaps are identified in the testing process and the development team fills those
gaps with an optimal solution.


The team has prepared user manuals, SRS (software requirement specification), wireframes,technicalarchitecture,and project plan, change request document, system design approval.

Server Infrastructure

We are using Elasticsearch, Postgres, Apache-nginx server with Ubuntu machine.

(3). Benefits We Delivered